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Ajit Johnson
Cancer biologist, University of Edinburgh.
April 3, 2017 · 29 Reads

This week in science 25th to 31st march 2017

Neuralink a venture by Elon Musk to merge the human brain with artificial intelligence

Reference: The Wall street Journal

Thousands of scientists sign a letter urging the UN to ban nuclear weapons

Reference: futureoflife

Researchers created working heart tissue from a spinach leaf

Reference: Journal of Biomaterials

SpaceX successfully launches and lands a used rocket booster for the first time

Reference: SpaceX

New research suggests that up to 60% of cancers is completely unavoidable

Reference: Science

Scientists have discovered that brain cells may be regulating our circadian rhythm

Reference: Current Biology

Brain implants have allowed a quadriplegic man to move his arm.

Reference: The Lancet

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