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Template for writing an article at The Surg


The Surg publishes plain-language summaries of peer-reviewed research publications. To be eligible to write an article you should be an author in the study that you are writing about.


The vision of our community is to re-build empathy and trust between the public and yourself by communicating your discoveries with the public directly. Meanwhile making motivations and limitations behind the research clear and engaging with them in a conversation. Besides public outreach, this public post will help you to establish expertise in your field, forge new intellectual bonds, expand networks and enhance research visibility and impact.


Please do not modify your press release and submit it here! People want to hear the story behind your research. This creates a personal angle and adds the human element that is all-too-absent in peer-reviewed papers.

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Article Template

Please write the main content of the article as a first person narrative (Length of the article 500-600 words).


Title: Title it without jargons


Editor’s note: {The only section in 3rd person narrative- 50 to 60 words}

The most noteworthy information of your publication. This should convey how the research is applicable to public and should answer the following questions- who, what and why.(Example: Researchers have identified a previously hidden link between our immune system and the activation of cells that lead to organ rejection. The discovery opens the way for scientists to develop new forms of treatment that could prevent immune responses from attacking life-saving tissue transplants without leaving the body so open to infection or cancer.)


Motivation behind the research:

  1. A small description of the field of discovery (eg: if it is about a disease, define the disease, say how many people it affects, be descriptive of how the disease affects someone and how it interferes with their daily life, danger of being contagious etc..)
  2. Talk about how you got motivated to pursue studying this field
  3. Prerequisite knowledge that is necessary to understand this study (explain unavoidable jargons. Eg: if the study is about platelets, describe it here)


The Discovery:

  1. Broad summation of the research journey that answers what was discovered and how
  2. Discuss the most interesting and probably relevant part of your discovery to the public


Study Limitations:

  1. Be open about the limitations of the study (eg: sample size, model organism, etc..)
  2. Explain to the public and journalists what conclusions are NOT justified by the paper


The Future:

  1. How is this going to influence the life of the reader (the research’s impact)
  2. What do you plan to do next?
  3. How can people get involved (if relevant)


Research Article:

Title of your publication and the link to your publication


Call to action (optional)

  1. If you are fundraising for something
  2. Promoting a campaign
  3. Citizen science project

(Please do not promote any products in this section)


To make a submission, please click here. If you have any queries please email to

Once you have made the submission, we will edit the article and get back to you for proof-reading. After which the article will be published. This process generally takes about 1-2 days.

Please avoid the use of any jargons- as if explaining it to a 14-year-old. For more information about writing science for public, please read our guideline blogpost-

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