Tech & Engineering
Eya Barkallah 2 years ago
Engineer-Master in Mechatronics Specialized in Software/Embedded Engineering and Machine Learning
wearable tech


Researchers develop wearable tech that can recognize harmful body postures at work

Researchers develop smart wearable tech that allows an early detection of awkward postures that can lead to work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
Rohan Vernekar 2 years ago
PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh


The trouble of pattern-breaking flow around microscopic obstacles

Researchers have identified the underlying fluid flow phenomenon that causes flow patterns to deviate from designed and cause unintended particle motions in “microfluidic” particle separators.
Levente Klein 2 years ago
Research Staff Member at IBM TJ Watson Research laboratory in Yorktown Heights, NY


New wireless technology monitors indoor atmospheric conditions, saving energy and art

Editors: Hassnain Qasim and Amanita Setari Motivation behind the research In the United States, buildings consume more than 39% of total energy production. A large part of this...
Dianna Bautista 2 years ago
Science communicator. The university of Edinburgh.
Oleo Sponge


‘Oleo Sponge’ may be the future of cleaning up oil spills

InShort: A group of researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory have developed a sponge that will collect oil from bodies of water, which could improve...
Dianna Bautista 2 years ago
Science communicator. The university of Edinburgh.
Graphene-oxide sieve filters


Graphene-oxide sieve filters salt water to produce fresh drinking water

In Short: New research shows graphene can filter common salts from water to make it safe to drink. This could lead to affordable desalination technology....
Dr. Ajit Johnson 3 years ago
Cancer geneticist, Harvard University
virtual reality series


On today’s virtual reality series, Mark Zuckerberg delivers a breathtaking demo of “Oculus Connect”

Continuing our Virtual Reality Series of articles, lets talk about Oculus Connect which was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion back in 2014. Thousands of the...

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