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December 3, 2018 · 403 Reads

Top stories in science this week

Using brain-computer interface people with paralysis, controlled tablet device

Mobile computing devices are part of daily life, but using them can be challenging for people with paralysis. Researchers show that a brain-computer interface (BCI) can enable people with paralysis to operate a tablet device and use other tablet computer applications by thinking about making cursor movements and clicks.

Reference: PLOS ONE

Scientists discovered a new approach to detect cancer early from blood tests

Cancer scientists have used “liquid biopsy,” epigenetic modifications and machine learning to develop a blood test to detect and classify cancer at its early stage. The findings hold a promise of being able to find it earlier when it is more easily treated.

Reference: Nature

Researchers found completely new and rare viruses in forest’s soil

In a soil-warming experiment measuring the hotter temperatures impact on tiny life-forms that live in the dirt and soil, researchers found 16 rare ‘giant’ viruses that are entirely new to science.

Reference: Nature Communication

Researchers have tested a new drug to prevent the spread of a brain tumour

Researchers might have found a cancer treatment method to stop the spread of glioblastoma, a severe type of brain cancer. In the convection-enhanced delivery, which is a typical cancer drug delivery, the interstitial fluid which surrounds cells move fast, and that helps glioma cells to invade the rest of the brain. Researchers tested a drug called AMD3100 to block the fluid’s rapid movement hence the spread of cancer cells. This discovery could lead to stopping glioblastoma from spreading.

Reference: Scientific Reports

A new study showed that applying sunscreen in repeated doses is safe

A new study provides the first immediate evidence that zinc oxide nanoparticles in sunscreen do not cause cellular toxicity after repeated applications. The finding answers all claims about the safety of nanoparticulate-based sunscreens.

Reference: Journal of Investigative Dermatology

Scientists confirmed anabolic steroids users are at high risk of early death

A new study suggested that men who use androgenic anabolic steroids such as testosterone may face 3 times higher risk of early death and might experience more hospital admissions.

Reference: Journal of Internal Medicine study

Scientists succeed in obstructing the spread of skin cancer by blocking specific molecule

In an experiment in mice, researchers have found that melanoma skin cancer cells grow large and spread as a result of interactions between a pair of molecules; protein protease tPA and low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 (LRP1). The results showed that mice without LRP1 had smaller tumours, even when researchers provided extra tPA. Therefore, findings implicate LRP1, connected to chronic diseases like obesity, as a potential cause of the spread of cancer cells.

Reference: The FACEB Journal

Archaeologists found unique skeletons of dinosaurs related to new species

Archaeologists have discovered three new dinosaurs skeletons in Brazil. These skeletons fit into a new species called Macrocollum itaquii, these animals were vegetarian, stood around 1.5 metres and weighed around 90 kilograms.

Reference: Biology Letters

Researchers have found new ‘pinwheel’ star system

Explorers have found a massive star system. The new finding challenges existing theories of how stars eventually die.

Reference: Nature Astronomy

Researchers discovered that the Arctic atmosphere is worsening the climate change

While heat from the tropics can, in fact, contribute to warming in the Arctic, An international study has suggested that the whole thing has a negligible effect on Arctic amplification. Using computer simulations, the researchers suggest that the local effects of carbon dioxide within the Arctic itself are driving the Arctic amplification phenomenon.

Reference: Nature Climate Change

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