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Scientists reverse advanced heart failure in an animal model

Researchers have discovered a previously unrecognized healing capacity of the heart. In a mouse model, they were able to reverse severe heart failure.
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Top stories in science this week

Top stories in science this week handpicked by The Surg.

Smartphone screens trick harmful bacteria

Researchers investigate whether the bacterial metabolism can be tuned by changing the redox state of the surface supporting the biofilm
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Light at night disrupts biological clock & promoted tumor growth in rats

Researchers have demonstrated that light exposure at night disrupts metabolism; creating an obesogenic environment which favors tumor growth.
Buruli ulcer

Decoding the biological mechanism of Buruli ulcer

Researchers develop an original laboratory preparation of mycolactone A/B, the exotoxin responsible for a disease called Buruli ulcer.

The role of the lipids in the propagation of information

A phase transition produced within a tiny region of a lipid membrane under water travels far away, suggesting that solitons may propagate in nerves.

Simple vs. Complex Carbohydrate and the Global Obesity Epidemic

Researchers measure the impact of a country’s standard of living on people choice between different types of carbohydrates and obesity.

Health problems in childhood impacts mental health in adulthood, new study

In Short: Children with chronic physical illness are at higher risk of depression and anxiety across the lifespan. This information is critically important for medical...
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Top stories in science this week

Fire ant venom could be a surprising new treatment for Psoriasis Scientists have discovered that compounds derived from fire ant venom could take the sting...
bipolar patients

Breakthrough research gives hope to bipolar patients

In short: An international collaborative study has identified the molecular mechanism behind lithium’s effectiveness in treating bipolar disorder patients. This may support the development of...
Olive oil

Olive oil compound stimulates anti-cancer molecule miR-7 & may help prevent brain cancer

Research into oleic acid — the primary ingredient in olive oil — has shown how it can help prevent cancer-causing genes from functioning in cells.

Turning water into gold: using water to prepare gold-gold bases

Sometimes a side product has great potential. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to prepare the gold acetonyl complex simply using water?
Stem cells

New discovery highlights an important challenge for using stem cells therapy

Editor’s note: Researchers discover that human and mouse stem cells cultured in the lab fiercely maintain the developmental rates found in nature. The discovery highlights...
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Top stories in science this week

Top stories in science this week handpicked by The Surg.
HIV vaccine

Scientists are developing a new HIV vaccine that might save millions of lives

Canadian researchers have joined forces to develop an HIV vaccine using the same backbone as that used for the Ebola vaccine recently tested in West Africa.
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Tumour bacteria sabotage chemotherapy

In a study, researchers describe findings that certain tumour bacteria can be found inside human pancreatic tumours.
RNA modifications

New method measures RNA modifications

Researchers developed a method to provide fast and economical screening of modified ribonucleosides in RNA.
vitamin D

A step closer to fully understanding vitamin D deficiency

There are differences in how male and female mice metabolise nutrients and potentially, how they are impacted by vitamin D deficiency.

Scientists identify high recurrence risk of epilepsy-related heart rhythm abnormalities

Researchers have gained an insight into the ‘recurrence risk’ of a rare but dangerous epilepsy-related heart condition.
fresh earthly smell

What gives rain the fresh earthly smell?

Do you love the fresh earthy smell of rain? Surprise!, it is not the smell of soil. The smell actually has a name and is...

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