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Tumour bacteria sabotage chemotherapy

In a study, researchers describe findings that certain tumour bacteria can be found inside human pancreatic tumours.
Yang Wei 6 days ago
The Southwest Hospital of Third Military Medical University.


Scientists develop a new approach to reconstruct organs like liver

Scientists at The Southwest Hospital of Third Military Medical University have used a novel procedure to engineer a vascularized functional liver.
Egzona Morina 6 days ago
PhD candidate at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour, UCL.


Scientists purify bio-marker, enabling a more in-depth study of a molecule responsible for social behaviours

Researchers developed a marker specific to oxytocin receptors, enabling them to map out which neural circuits in the brain are sensitive to oxytocin.
Dr. Zhenzhen Liu 1 week ago
Professor at College of Materials and Energy, South China Agriculture University.
nucleic acid


Creating a new type of synthetic nucleic acid with some very interesting traits and potential impacts

This discovery brings scientists one step closer to creating significantly cheaper and more stable synthetic nucleic acids for use in medicine.
The Surg 2 weeks ago
Medium for Science.
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Human skin cells transformed directly into motor neurons

Scientists have converted skin cells from healthy adults directly into motor neurons without going through a stem cell state.
Radhika Gupta 3 weeks ago
Electronics Engineer | Editor at The Surg.
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Scientists may soon use Zika virus to treat brain cancer

New research shows that the zika virus kills brain cancer stem cells, the kind of cells most resistant to standard treatments.
The Surg 3 weeks ago
Medium for Science.
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Scientists discovered a new gene to fight insomnia

Sleep plays a critical role in human health and is regulated by multiple brain regions. This is the first study to show that skeletal muscle can regulate sleep.
Xiaoping Wang 3 weeks ago
Laboratory of Molecular Biology & Pathology.
stomach cancer


An active ingredient of turmeric helps fight stomach cancer

Researchers have verified that curcumin an active compound of turmeric possesses multiple effects against the growth of stomach cancer.
The Surg 1 month ago
Medium for Science.
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The brain eats itself when it doesn’t get enough sleep

In the sleep-deprived and chronically sleep-deprived mice, neuroscientist noticed something different: the astrocytes had increased their activity to actually eating parts of the synapses like...
The Surg 1 month ago
Medium for Science.
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Want to instantly become a neuroscientist? Mozak brain builder

Mozak is a scientific discovery game about neuroscience. Help to build models of brain cells, and help scientists learn more about the brain through your...

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