Radhika Gupta 21 hours ago
Electronics Engineer | Editor at The Surg.
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Top stories in science this week

Top stories in science this week handpicked by The Surg.
Dr. Trina Racine 4 days ago
Research Associate at the University of Manitoba and Scientific Coordinator at the CHU de Quebec - University Laval.
HIV vaccine


Scientists are developing a new HIV vaccine that might save millions of lives

Canadian researchers have joined forces to develop an HIV vaccine using the same backbone as that used for the Ebola vaccine recently tested in West Africa.
Eya Barkallah 4 days ago
Engineer-Master in Mechatronics Specialized in Software/Embedded Engineering and Machine Learning.
wearable tech


Researchers develop wearable tech that can recognize harmful body postures at work

Researchers develop smart wearable tech that allows an early detection of awkward postures that can lead to work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
The Surg 4 days ago
Medium for Science.
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Tumour bacteria sabotage chemotherapy

In a study, researchers describe findings that certain tumour bacteria can be found inside human pancreatic tumours.
Martin Anderson 6 days ago
Research associate at the psychology department, Karlstads University Sweden.


Self-treatment of headache disorders with psychedelic substances

Primarily psychedelic tryptamines like LSD and psilocybin are reportedly effective for both migraine and cluster headache.
Rohan Vernekar 6 days ago
PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh.


The trouble of pattern-breaking flow around microscopic obstacles

Researchers have identified the underlying fluid flow phenomenon that causes flow patterns to deviate from designed and cause unintended particle motions in “microfluidic” particle separators.
Dr. Nicoleta Elena Dina 6 days ago
National Institute for R&D of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
milk products


Scientists devise fast and effective method to spot contaminated milk products

Scientists have devised a novel method which has the potential to detect and differentiate the presence of bacteria in milk products.
Yang Wei 6 days ago
The Southwest Hospital of Third Military Medical University.


Scientists develop a new approach to reconstruct organs like liver

Scientists at The Southwest Hospital of Third Military Medical University have used a novel procedure to engineer a vascularized functional liver.
Egzona Morina 6 days ago
PhD candidate at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour, UCL.


Scientists purify bio-marker, enabling a more in-depth study of a molecule responsible for social behaviours

Researchers developed a marker specific to oxytocin receptors, enabling them to map out which neural circuits in the brain are sensitive to oxytocin.
Dr. Jiehua Liu 7 days ago
Professor, Future Energy Laboratory, Hefei University of Technology.


Lithium cell promotes high-efficient Li-O2 batteries

Li-O2 batteries are considered to be the most desirable next-generation power devices for long-distance electric vehicles.

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Dr. Trina Racine, Research Associate at the University of Manitoba and Scientific Coordinator at the CHU de Quebec - University Laval
Dr. Gracjan Michlewski, Group leader at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh, UK.
Rohan Vernekar, PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh
Dr. Zhenzhen Liu, Professor at College of Materials and Energy, South China Agriculture University

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